Reading time: < 1 min Xmas shopping finished. It’s official.

Almost done

Reading time: < 1 min Fighting off a cold. Looked at the ‘re-design’ last night, not sure about it. I’m swithering between trying to produce ‘standard-compliant’ HTML code, or cramming in as many ‘cool’ features as possible. I prefer a clean look, simple design, so I’ll probably end up going down the ‘standard’ route. Or maybe it’s because I’m finding […]


Reading time: < 1 min 5:30 a.m. – no not just now… that was bedtime on Saturday a.m. – excellent night = beer, tequila, aftershock, southern comfort, red wine = terrible hangover. Saturday didn’t exist. Sunday is finishing well. Monday and the gossip from Friday night will be caught up on… I have a few tidbits of my own to […]


Reading time: < 1 min Far too focussed on work at the moment. Xmas night out is on Friday, and there is soooo much left to do on my current project. Q: Why do you call a project aardvark? A: So people will ask why….

New shoes

Reading time: < 1 min Damn busy day. Tonight’s project will be to finish the damn re-design! Bought some new shoes, currently digging into my heels, but I’d better get them broken in, they’ll be needed for dancing on Friday night. Xmas night out should be fun, although I’m not planning to remember much. I’ve written Saturday off already.


Reading time: < 1 min Another Monday morning. Must remember to get car insurance.