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OK, I don’t plug software very often but this is a must. If you don’t use MP3 files, then skip this ‘cos it won’t make much sense.

I have a few MP3 files (OK around 4000) and I’m a bit of a stickler for conformity. All the files are named the same way (Artist – Track.mp3), and have complete ID2 & ID3 tags (Artist – Title and Album at least). Now on the rare occasion that I download a track from the web, frequently it’s not named the ‘right’ way, or has incomplete or erroneous tags. For a long time I edited tracks by hand, anything to get things ‘proper’. OK I’m obsessed. It’s an affliction, what ya gonna do…

Finally I have a cure for my itch: Tag&Rename – ID3v2 tag editor, mp3 organizer, mp3 tag editor, mp3 renamer, mp3 playlist creator. A snip at £16, and despite the quirky interface it is a god send. A few selections, then one click of a button and you can rename mulitple files, edit tags, create playlists… bliss!

If you have a ‘few’ MP3s on your system I suggest you check it out. You can evaluate it for 30 days. Go on, try it!

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Re-design took a step forward (at last).

The project I was working on will finally be completed tomorrow. Which gives me 2 days to do what I had planned to do in 5… nothing new there then.

File-renaming. I want to rename my MP3s. I currently have Track – Artist.mp3. I would like Artist – Track.mp3. Help!

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