Bad habits

I remember reading, somewhere, that picking your nails was, in psychotherapy terms, a "mild form of self-abuse". In which case, hello, my name is Gordon and I abuse myself. Hmm that last sentence doesn't sound quite right. Anyway, yes I pick my nails, rarely use clippers and yes I tend to do it when I'm

is apple evil?

Is Apple Evil? ~ "Apple is evil. At least it is if you subscribe to the notion that some corporations are good and most are evil. In reality, all corporations are pretty much the same, and if they do things you like then they're "good," and if they do things you don't like, well, they're

internet people

Internet People - a silly song and video about all those silly people and things you've heard about on the internet. If you can't be bothered watching it, here's the list.

Spanning the divide

I've been chasing this train of thought for a while now and decided to start writing my thoughts down in the vague hope that they come together in a way that makes sense to others. It seems to make sense to me but, as yet, there are a few grey areas into which I may

And more begat more

Join up! They say. It's fun, it's cool, you can add friends, link to hundreds of people you don't really know. And on and on. Whether it's from the service itself, or from people using the service, the friendly, fun, "2.0" emails continue to flood my inbox. Ignoring most I eventually pick one to try,

State of the Union

Some council workers got sacked because they spent too much time on the internet (eBay in particular). Apparently this isn't really their fault, with Union officials blaming bosses for "putting temptation in their way" - by allowing access to the internet. Now, I've never had access to, or worked within an organisation that has, a

making mac mine

Playing on Mac, making it mine - organising Desktop Pictures, getting some new icons (for the dock), applied with CandyBar. Toying with EarthDesk too.

idea 2007

If you are in New York City in early October, check out the idea2007 conference, which will highlight and discuss designing complex information spaces of all kinds. A limited entry pre-conference event kicks things off on the 3rd of October, and the conference proper is on October 4th and 5th. Throughout their days, people are

How many?

A sudden holiday is all well and good but the shift in time, and the fact that we don't return until October, pushes timescales the wrong way. Admittedly said timescales are all of my own making but still, I don't like rushing things. Today is a typical example. I'm working at home as the car

Trickle vs Traditional

The following is taken from current experience, fitting a Publications team into an agile (XP) development methodology. It's very much a work in progress... ~ In a more traditional development environment, there is likely to be specifications and design documents on which you can rely. This is not the case in an agile development environment,