Reading time: < 1 min Authors Note: I’ve been humming and hawwing over posting this for a week or so now, figured I’d post it and see if that affected my mood. It’s not an end, just a break, a hiatus if you will. A chance to refocus, recharge, reconsider. I’ll be back in a week or so. Maybe more, […]


Reading time: < 1 min Do you ever feel a tad detached? Quite frequently things go on that I never hear about. This is on all levels, from global events to work gossip. I AM the last to know. It doesn’t bother me on the whole, but it does puzzle me. (I think) I’m an OK guy. I chat with […]


Reading time: < 1 min OK, for all you people who take photos. How do you do it? I mean, what motivates you to do it? I brought my camera to work today, walked around at lunchtime and took all of two photos. Both were rubbish. I think I need to go on a course. A photo composition course, a […]


Reading time: < 1 min So a friend/work colleague is doing his MBA. Part of it requires a look at corporate culture. He sent round a short questionnaire to some people, including me, and we got together today to discuss it. I was quite amazed, if I’m honest, that we all said similar things, and after about 30 minutes we […]

Real life

Reading time: < 1 min I post a lot of frippery and nonsense on here. I mean really, do any of you lot really care that I’ve got a new boiler? However, every now and then something happens that resets your viewpoint. I got an email (or two) from my friends in Twickenham. Turns out that Laura had walked home, […]


Reading time: < 1 min Da Vinci Code – Mona Lisa ~ Munch stolen. And I’ve just had the following books delivered:London Fields – Martin Amis ~ Murders in Twickenham (friends live there).Leaving Home – Garrison Keillor ~ Laura flies out to Australia today.Labyrinths – Jorge Luis Borges ~ Emmmm… not sure yet, but it must mean something… Funny old […]