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Well just about survived the weekend. Saturday was a sad farewell to Laura, before rushing from her leaving party – where most people from work turned up between 9-9.30pm, I was sure it said it started at 8! – to head to Louise’s cousins for a family night with my in-laws as the star guests.. or whatever excuse we used this time.

I should’ve known better.

I had plans for Sunday, but they didn’t include drinking until 4am. Still, we had a nice Sunday lunch with my family before nipping round the rest of the Dumbarton based brethren then heading home with the sole aim of lying on the sofa and watching whatever the Olympics dictated. I managed THAT bit.

Of course now, despite having been tired all day, I can’t get to sleep. According to my body clock, ten past midnight is still early. Well it’ll give me time to do some research into the accuracy of The Da Vinci Code which I’m almost finished reading. Fact or fiction? Either way it’s a fascinating book.


Well done to all the medal winners at the Olympics. And a special mention to Matthew Pinsent, ya big cry baby.

Boiler fitted, control unit figured out but only after walking up at 6.15 this morning, sweaty and hot, and realising the heating was on!

Started tidying up, and we’ve decided on what we are going to do in the hole left in the wall.. ohh yeah, there were gonna be photos:

Big Ugly Gas Fire

Big Ugly Hole in Wall

Anyway, a brief trip to B&Q and IKEA last night (where we managed to escape having only spent about £20) and we are just about set. Well aside from what colour the new fireplace (piece?) will be.

More on this later, when I’ll chronicle my attempts at D.I.Y. Bet you can’t wait.

Anyway, better go finish tidying up, and get my shirt ironed for tonight – Louise is down performing bridesmaids duties, making favours, and I want to get the place done before she returns.

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Well the new boiler installation is almost done. New radiator is in the spare room (office), new valves on all the radiators, hot water tank gone from back bedroom, back boiler and ghastly fireplace gone from living room.

Which has left a big hole in the wall.

Now, I should point out that I’m not the best D.I.Y. person, although generally is a confidence thing. Once I get into it I’m usually OK. However this will be the biggest job I’ll have done (I think) so I’m a bit apprehensive.

We’ve decided to use the idea of an inset gas fire, but without the gas fire bit. So it’ll be an inset, a thin, small surround and will probably be filled with candles. So I’ve been checking out things like flame retardant MDF and the like, and getting all excited about the thought of using my power tools again (hope they still work…).

My Dad will be drafted in to help, and it’ll probably be a one day job. Ohh and then there’s the decorating afterwards. I’m leaning towards a nice stone coloured finish (currently is a bit too magnolia – but that’s because it IS magnolia and it was all we could afford at the time, it was that or put up with pink walls…).

So tonight will probably involve a wander round B&Q to get some ideas, and possibly even a wander round IKEA as well. What a fun way to spend a Friday night..

Then on Saturday I’ve got two nights out. One to say cheerio to Laura how is jetting off to start a new life in Australia. Best of luck to her and her husband. I’ll spend a couple of hours there (Tiger, Tiger I think) then head down the road to Dumbarton for the ‘family’ night.

As my in-laws are only here for a couple more weeks, the cousins have decided to have a night in at their place. Always a good laugh, and I doubt we’ll get home much before sunrise.

And Sunday? Well nothing planned yet, probably more “fireplace” thoughts. But I’m thinking coffee and papers should about do it.

Note to self: MUST remember to take camera on Saturday night!


So much to blog about, so little motivation. Olympics, music, etiquette, photography… the list grows, overwhelming the desire.

Of course it could be because I’ve just finished a portion of shredded chilli beef and boiled rice, in what the new(ish) Thursday ritual of a Chinese takeaway for lunch.

Now, would anyone REALLY notice if I crawled under my desk for a snooze?


Hi, how are you?

I’m good. In fact, I may even go so far as to say I’m GREAT! I’m wonderful, fantastic etc etc. I won’t go that far though as it’s still early…

Hopefully, by the time I get home tonight, we will have a new boiler in the loft and the old back boiler and fire will be removed. This will leave a hole in the wall for a while until we figure out what we are going to do but it gets rid of the monstrosity that has sat in our living room for the past three years (pics to follow).

Another factor in my wonderful mood is, possibly, the fact that I have tomorrow off.

bookmark_borderInto the light

Well my mood has lifted, thankfully. There is only so much grouching and grumping that my beloved wife will tolerate, and her “You’re a grumpy bastard” comments were beginning to take on a slightly more biting edge than usual.

Plus we shuffled bits and bobs around the house, and I think just being of my fat lazy arse has helped too.

Roll on tomorrow!

(And yes, I’m off to bed now)

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