weird nostalgia

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This generation is going to have some weird nostalgia

force on wii

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Ever since the Wii’s unusual motion-sensing controllers were unveiled, gamers and Star Wars fans around the globe have been anticipating using the Wii-mote to control a lightsaber. Their wish will be fulfilled next year when the game is scheduled to release. ~ and now I need a Wii. Ohh my birthday soon as well…

nyt for free

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New York Times finally stop charging to access content, and welcome to 2007!


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Chocolate Lego – OK, so it’s just the same as those Lego ice cubes but chocolate is much tastier than ice. Right?

We're taking the Costa Brava plane

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Stepping out the front door, greeted by pinched skin and the glisten of frost on the car, I realise that summer is truly over. Just as well, I thought, that we’re off to Spain next week. Still mid-20s there which will do very nicely thankeweverymuch. But no, it’s not a last minute description. As well…


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I like new things, as my Belbin team role suggests, I am the person who likes to start projects and enthuse others about it before… eventually.. I get bored with it and… ohh shiny! .. something new comes along. I’m aware of this trait and have developed some internal habits that help me overcome it’s…

the offended people

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I don’t link to his column very often but he is routinely excellent and always readable, particularly this week. Charlie Brooker on “the offended people” ~ “They come in two flavours – huffy and whiny – and it’s hard to know which is worst… Combined, they’re the very worst people on the planet – 20…


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I’m currently playing with the new O2 Cocoon, a mobile phone cum lifestyle friend, or whatever warm fuzzy marketing spin they are putting on it. Essentially a mobile phone with media player leanings, there are a few nice touches that elevate this above your standard mobile phone fare. I’ll post more about how it handles…

On my Mac

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Well I’ve had it for a while now so here are some of the goodies I have installed on my MacBook. I’ve tried a lot of apps over the past few months, the following are the ones I’ve settled on. One thing to note is that there does seem to be a different kind of…

hidden toblerone bear

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Hidden Toblerone Bear. I’ve eaten, god, hundreds of these? Never spotted that before! WOW. (via)

Recently Read

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I’ve had my head stuck in various planning documents, so a shorter list than usual but, hopefully, thought provoking none the less. Documentation = dollars ~ “Software development without documentation is self-centric. Documentation is a signal that the developer actually cares about her downstream users. For projects that actually want downstream users, write good documentation….

Content Analysis for re-use

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The basic premise of “single source” can be summed up in one word. Re-use. Sounds simple enough but there is a wealth analysis and work that is required before that, somewhat elegant, aim can be met. Analysing your content for potential re-use opportunites is, by and large, an onerous task. Whether you do it all…

Let Go

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I’ve mentioned this before, and much as I hate to go on, it’s a subject I want to try and tackle one more time. I’m going to focus on one particular application, but the principals are applicable across many, they are not limited to a particular type of file but there are some thresholds which…

roald dahl's birthday

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Apparently, it’s Roald Dahl’s birthday today. I only found out because of the logo on Google UK.

adopt the sky

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Adopt the Sky – sign a petition for cleaner air, and adopt a section of sky. Nice idea. (flash) (via)