Less less less

I don’t set resolutions but I always end up with some, this year is turning out no different.

Last year the theme seemed to become ‘be healthier’. Whether that was in body (eating healthier, trying to get more exercise) or in mind (avoiding ‘drama’ wherever possible) it seemed to work.

That theme remains for this year but more by way of habit, although I do need to re-enforce it a little better, and it already seems like this year the theme is around simplicity.

My new role at work is seeing me involved in conversations about processes which seem overly complex.

I’m slowly decluttering my flat, my possessions to remove as much of them as I can. I just don’t need so much ‘stuff’. Case in point, I received my Pebble smart watch and promptly sold it. Why the hell do I need to receive SMS and email notifications on my watch? Yet another thing that I would end up just switching off.

I’m about to ditch App.net too, Twitter suffices, and Facebook remains useful as it encompasses a different set of people.

I’m also learning to let go of some things, leave them in the past where they belong. My own expectations of me, the expectations I place on others, well they’ve tripped me up in the past but more recently I’ve seen how destructive they can be and so I’m slowly finding ways to let them go.

Now, who wants to buy an XBox 360?