Rumour has it that, a few years back, a young man was brutally killed and a few days later came back to life.

There’s something about a big rock being rolled about too, hence why all over the country people are over-spending and over-indulging in chocolate eggs. Ohh and there is a magical bunny but I’m not sure if it produces the eggs (in some magical twist of nature) or just hides them, either way seems a bit of an odd time.

Then there’s the not inconsequential global pandemic that has rendered each day the same as the last. What day is today anyway?

This isn’t an anti-religion rant, far from it, anything that can ease the minds of people at the moment is very much a good thing.

And I’ve absolutely no doubt that the reason it seems like more people are celebrating today/this weekend is because I’m spending more time on social media, plus kids love chocolate and why not spoil them a bit, right?

It does seem to be becoming almost Christmas like though, in the gifts and the spoiling and the… now I’m not (any longer) a religious person but I thought this was a celebration of rebirth? But I guess as I don’t have kids, and I don’t celebrate Easter I’ll just mind my own beeswax.

It’s just that it’s Easter Sunday, it’s not even 9:30am and I’ve already done my task for the day – fit the wind deflectors on the car, the ones I bought about six months ago – and this is where my brain went next.

Coming up next on lockdown blogging, why bother pairing your socks, just wear odd ones I mean who really cares anyway!

Anyway, enough of this, I’ve got a Gingerbread Easter egg Kit to open. If you DO celebrate, have a wonderful day, and if, like me you don’t celebrate Easter well you have a wonderful day too.