Reading time: 2 mins I almost shrieked like a girly girl. There it was, floating a metre in front of me, within touching distance, if I just stretched out my hand I could probably feel it under my fingertips. I wondered if anyone would notice and, glancing around, I saw the same look of wonderment that I could also […]

Some shops are evil

Reading time: 3 mins Tomorrow I am going into a city called Glasgow. Once there I will likely partake of a coffee from an American outlet known as Starbucks, and most likely wander around a variety of shops trying not to spend money (hey, I’m Scottish, shut up). This activity is known as shopping. The key purpose of shopping […]

Sticky smartness

Reading time: 4 mins It’s always the little things that you’ve never seen before that make you sit up and think “hey, that’s smart”. In my case a simple photo, used to provide context, was enough to trigger this, and it’s so simple an idea that I’m surprised that something similar isn’t in wider use. Read on, MacDuff, to […]

Jack of none

Reading time: 2 mins I’m a fairly intelligent guy. I’m not a huge intellect but I reckon I’d be “slightly above average” on the scale of smartness which I’m sure exists somewhere… I mean I’ve taken one of those Mensa tests, and did some sort of “smartypants” test, before I joined Sage/tetra back in the day, so based on […]


Reading time: 2 mins Coffee at its best – Just opened, fresh this morning, the jar of Nescafé we brought back from Spain. Yes, that’s right, we brought back a jar of instant coffee. Why? Because it tastes GREAT! It may be because it’s not granules but powder, it may be because I don’t normally drink Nescafé and ALL […]

Radio Ga-Ga

Reading time: 2 mins I don’t listen to the radio much. It’s the inane rambling you see, drives me potty. I don’t listen to podcasts much. It’s the inane rambling you see… For the most part that is, I have listened to a few podcasts that I’ve enjoyed, mainly topical ‘casts (why do we have the “pod” bit? it’s […]