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I don’t listen to the radio much. It’s the inane rambling you see, drives me potty.

I don’t listen to podcasts much. It’s the inane rambling you see…

For the most part that is, I have listened to a few podcasts that I’ve enjoyed, mainly topical ‘casts (why do we have the “pod” bit? it’s a derivative of broadcast surely but why do we need to differentiate? both are consumed in the same way, so let’s get past the next year or so of faffing about and call everything that is audio/visually consumed “casts”. No? Agree or not we should definitely get out of parenthesis…).

I guess I really need to spend a little more time looking for what I want, what I’ll enjoy, but so far coloured me hugely unimpressed with the whole podcasting thing. It’s just not original is it? Ohh sure throwing in some music by an unheard-of band is interesting to a point but it’s still not hugely original?

I’ll pause now to assure certain readers of this site, readers which have put together their own casts, and to which I’ve listened, that this is not a dig at them. Sure it’s the “in thing” at the moment, but this fad will pass; not completely but it will become just another thing that some people listen to/produce, in fact I don’t think calling it a “fad” is fair. It IS fun and nice to hear the voices of the people you normally associate with the written word but beyond that it’s not really enough to hold my attention.

But then I don’t listen to the radio for the same reason, and it’s the same reason that some conversations drive me potty, that lag, that long meandering detour when I’ve already figured out the destination and can see where we are headed and WHY ARE WE GOING THIS WAY!? IT’S RIGHT THERE! yet I’m powerless to do anything except wait for the journey to end. Or end it myself by turning the radio off.

It HAS been good to hear what other people have to offer, and what I’ve heard has been good, but just not good enough for the long term. I must have listened to at least 50 different podcasts and none of them have had that little bit extra that would keep me “tuned in”.

Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, and whilst I’m entirely sure a lot of my issues with ‘casting are generated from my own little quirks and foibles, maybe I’m missing the point, or maybe it’s just a fun diversion for a while.

I do have other thoughts around the whole “podcasting” thing – challenging traditional media, use of media on the internet maturing, etc etc – but ultimately, and I realise that the length of this post is somewhat at odds with this next statement, I can sum up my initial thoughts on “podcasting” (sic) with the following, well considered and beautifully simple, um, noise.


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