Coffee at its best – Just opened, fresh this morning, the jar of Nescafé we brought back from Spain. Yes, that’s right, we brought back a jar of instant coffee. Why? Because it tastes GREAT!

It may be because it’s not granules but powder, it may be because I don’t normally drink Nescafé and ALL Nescafé tastes great, or we may be getting back to the point I made a couple of weeks ago. Continental tastebuds are different from ours and most of their goods just taste better.

Working at home today, the advantages of which are many-fold (manifold?). However, over the past couple of weeks, a new benefit has been added in the fact that I wasn’t shouted at this morning.

Low-level Glasgow Central has two exits which take you from the platform and up some stairs to street level. The exit I use has two options when you reach the top of the stairs, turn left towards the north side of Argyll Street (and the upper-levels of the station) or turn right to emerge on the south side of Argyll Street. Most of the people, like myself, who turn right are heading for the same “office district” in which I work. We know where we are going. Or so I thought.

The people who run the station have seen fit to hire a very loud man who likes shouting. He stands at the top of the stairs and shouts at people to let them know that “THERE IS AN EXIT TO YOUR RIGHT” “THERE IS AN EXIT TO YOUR RIGHT”. Loudly. Repeatedly.

Isn’t that why we invented robots?

Gridlines don’t help but no-one has told Reckitt Benckiser. Despite the appearance of some funky gridlines on their package of Lemsip MAX I can feel no additional benefits between that and regular (non-MAX… um… MIN?) Lemsip.

Worryingly the packaging also includes the sword and circle motif found on bottles of Dettol (here’s Lemsip for comparison).

What AM I drinking?

[voiceover man] This post was brought to you by a variety of influences and goes to show you can construct a post from anything … um… nothing [/voiceover man]