Mister Sandman

tee hee, heh… teee hheeee…. hehee….

Ohhh how she laughed. Well it was more of a giggle to be honest, a muted little murmuring. I wasn’t even sure what she was laughing at…

I have a routine, some would say ritual, when I’m in bed trying to get to sleep. Lying on my right side, in an adapted recovery position (my right arm is tucked behind me rather than in front), I ponder what tomorrow holds, making a mental note of things I need to get done. As I relax I start semi-dreaming – a sort of cross between dreaming and projection I think – and next thing I know the alarm is going off.

Or, as was the case last night, I’m woken at 2.47am by my beloved wife. Laughing. In her sleep. This was followed by an “annoyed growl” at 3.28am, and at 5.02am she had a short conversation with herself about, seemingly, her shoe: “My shoe… mumble… all of them … mumble.. not me…”

She remembers nothing. Of course.

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