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Well it’s payday. At last. Been a wee bit bad this month in some aspects (spent too much on… ohhh I dunno.. illuminated keyboards!) but overall it was a good month as we restructured things and are paying out less than we were before.

Mortgage wise we’ll be, paper-work pending, switching to a three year fixed rate again come end of August (5.74%). Whilst this doesn’t dramatically change the amount we pay out each month for our mortgage in comparison to what we pay now, only a difference of Β£25 or so, the difference over what we would be paying if we DIDN’T switch is substantial and somewhere around the Β£100 mark. Yikes!

And rounding off the financial theme, if you use internet banking, check the small print. Seemingly, for my bank at least (Bank of Scotland), you can earn a higher interest rate by depositing Β£1000 into your account. Depositing. Not leaving. So if you have the means, you can transfer Β£1000 from a savings account then 30 minutes later, transfer it back. Your current account will continue to earn interest at the higher amount despite the fact the funds have been removed! Seemingly this is seen as “playing the banks at their own game”. I’d prefer to call it “screwing the bastards for all they are worth as they’ve had plenty from me!”.

Anyhoo, enough seriousness (mature-ness?), it’s Friday! Which means two things.

Cakes at 11. Beer at 5!!

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