New blog on the block

I don’t do this often but I’m smitten already…

Lazy Edinburgh Novelist is.. well exactly what is says on the tin, the blog of Edinburgh novelist Abigail Bosanko.

In the Scottish Fiction section, there I was next to Christopher Brookmyre. Two copies of ‘Lazy Ways to Make a Living’ next to three copies of ‘Be My Enemy’. We have the same publisher but Chris has written a lot more books than me – at least a shelf more – and his latest is always prominently displayed, with the cover face-out. A face-out display gives an author a sales advantage. I had to squeeze all his stuff together and ram him up against John Buchan to give my book some space.

Very readable, and should be a good one to follow.

Thanks to Peter for pointing out this one (even if I did cover the flying ants before he did… 😉

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