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My first OSX screenshot

As promised.

In no particular order, and having installed several application “just to try” I have whittled down my must-have OSX apps to the following. I’m pretty sure these, although it’s early days yet, will remain on my Mac for quite a while, particularly as I’m happy with things and the only stuff I’m still mucking about with is stuff like the desktop background and so on.

Update: The wallpaper in the above screenshot can be found here.



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I’ve been ignoring the pop-up from Zone Alarm for the past week. I need to pay to renew my cover with them but I’m wary.

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about various, FREE, personal firewalls, and the only additional feature mine needs to cope with is my WiFi network (Internet Connection Sharing required).

Anyone out there got any suggestions? What firewall do you use?

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In the market for a new mobile? I strongly suggest you check out this offer.

Pre-order the brand new SPV C500 Smartphone (due out a week on Monday) and get 100 mins cross network and 100 texts a month for £25, free connection, £75 cashback and the handset is FREE! Normally it would retail over the £100 mark. I’ve loved every minute (almost) of my SPV so I can’t wait to get my hands on this little beauty.

This is the best offer, for any type of mobile, I’ve seen for ages. What’s the snag? You gotta pre-order it today. You also have to take a new contract which, if you are on Orange already, means a new phone number (you can’t port the number as Orange would then treat it as an upgrade and charge for the handset… buggers..) but I can live with that.

Roll on the 8th August.

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Naked chicks, increase your penis size, solve your debt… sorry, just been clearing out some of my email inboxes, I like keep a couple of hotmail accounts for ‘junk’ purposes.
Anyway, in the midst of all the spam I do get a couple of newsletters from sources I can no longer remember. In one I found a few chapters of the following book available for download: Seven Highest Value Forms of Organizational Storytelling.

This is the kind of thing I like to pass on to my boss and HR department (usually with a comment like, see it IS possible to do things properly…)

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