What is your job title?

Reading time: 2 mins In the past I’ve held the following positions: Technical Administrator Technical Writer Documentation Specialist Technical Communications Manager Publications Team Leader The first three have similarities as they were all grounded in the production of technical documentation. The latter two are essentially the same thing, leading a team of technical writers producing technical information. None of […]

5 years time

Reading time: 2 mins Where do you want to be in 5 years time? Hands up everyone who has been asked that in an interview at some point (now quick, put your hand back down or your colleagues will start to stare..). Having been in my current job for just over 3.5 years, I thought it would be interesting […]

Why I am a Technical Writer

Reading time: 3 mins Having been in a bit of a lull, I recently asked those who follow me on Twitter what I should blog about. This post is in response to a suggestion from Peter Anghelides who replied: “Blog about why you became a technical author?” Which is a good a topic as any as, like many people […]

Jack of all trades Pt. 2

Reading time: 2 mins My name is Gordon McLean, I am a Technical Communicator* and I am proud to be a jack of all trades. I recall once being asked to breakdown all the skills required to be a Technical Writer, and then to provide a list of daily work tasks. The list of skills was to be used […]

Technical Writing Evolved

Reading time: 3 mins The following is largely focussed on the software industry as that is where my experience lies. I’ve been an on/off member of the TechWR mailing list for many years now. I dip in and out of threads depending on my current work and knowledge levels. The membership of the list is fairly wide-ranging, with people […]

User-focussed Design Works!

Reading time: < 1 min Proof, if more proof were needed that keeping the user in mind when designing a product, document or website really does work. Renewing a support contract with a client, I was asking them if the website had been beneficial and if there was anything about it that had worked well. The response wasn’t quite what […]