The smoking ban has started in Scotland. From this point onwards my one retort, to anyone wanting to argue the case (a la David Hockney) that this law is impinging their civil rights, will be short and sweet. I don’t care about YOUR civil rights, I care about MINE, and MY civil rights are not to stink of smoke after a night in the pub.

Hey, if they can boil it down to selfish and pointless statements of ‘enjoyment’ and ‘social impact’ then so can I. Pffffttttt..


Watched “Mrs. Henderson Presents” on Saturday night, hilarious and well worth watching. Dame Judi on sparking form with some cracking one-liners. Bob Hoskins held his own, and… ohh aye.. Will Young is in it.. briefly. But yes, an excellent look at both the time and the classes involved.


So, what were you doing on Sunday morning? Aside from scrambling about because you forgot the clocks had changed, or making your Mother breakfast in bed I mean (neither which I did as my Mum was already up, and had started baking, by the time I got out of bed). We were walking in the pouring rain along a nice wee country path, watching deer bound away across the heather, and trying to remember the name of the island we could just make out through the smirr.

Turns out it was Inchlonaig, also known as “The Island of Yew Trees”, the very type of tree we had dedicated for Louise’s Mum. A lovely coincidence.

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