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Reading time: < 1 min Quite a lot going on at the moment, but don’t worry dear blog reader I’ve not forgotten about you, I’ve still got plenty of things to post here just not really finding the time (or requisite brain power) to focus on them and think them through properly. Here are some of the things I’ve started […]

Bye bye STC

Reading time: 2 mins Before I say anything on this topic I’ll confess that I am not fully versed in the history of the organisation. I am not a member, this is merely my take on some of the blog posts I’ve read on this matter. And there in is the my main point. I’ve read a lot about […]

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Reading time: 2 mins I’m utterly failing in my attempt to make this a weekly feature on this site. Maybe I should cut it down a little, thoughts and comments are appreciated. Writing an Interface Style Guide Some handy tips for what to include in any user interface guidelines document: Interface style guides are extremely useful to define best […]