Reading time: < 1 min X-Men. See it. Saturday night, Guinness, and a productive day behind us. Good day, in some respects, same old crap day in others. I wish life would let you have a day where it doesn’t have to remind you and kick you. Another quiet day in prospect tomorrow, then back to work. Same old, same […]

Double X

Reading time: < 1 min Tomorrow – 7pm, Odeon Springfield Quay. X-Men. I hope it lives up to the hype, mind you there hasn’t been THAT much hype, more a simmering desire. I’m behind. No, not behind you, behind in my schedule… I need to start on Project X. Need to have another discussion with C about it first. Then […]

Sugar and spice

Reading time: < 1 min Still to book cinema tickets, tried to phone S – will try again soon. And I’m too nice. And it’s going to stop.

Double S

Reading time: < 1 min Current state of mind: not too bad considering! S emailed us – moaning about how it was struggling to reach 13 degrees in Melbourne – bummer, it sometimes doesn’t reach 13 degrees here either – in the summer! She also asked if we had been to see S in Edinburgh, and no we haven’t, yes […]

Lazing on

Reading time: < 1 min There’s SomeTHiNG nice about drinking in the afternoon. My cousin’s 18th birthday (not that she can actually be 18 already, that would make me… oh… dammit) a few beers in the afternoon, then a few beers later on. Relaxing day all around, much needed after Friday. I’m at a bit of a crossroads, and will […]


Reading time: < 1 min Interesting discussion the other night, we’ll see what comes of it. Interesting discussion this morning, we’ll see what comes of it. To clear a couple of things up – Alec Guinness had 8 characters, the re-design is still going, sleep patterns matter (although I’ve been ignoring them), and I HAVE been writing stuff for this […]