Double S

Current state of mind: not too bad considering! S emailed us – moaning about how it was struggling to reach 13 degrees in Melbourne – bummer, it sometimes doesn’t reach 13 degrees here either – in the summer! She also asked if we had been to see S in Edinburgh, and no we haven’t, yes we feel guilty, and yes I will be phoning her tomorrow!

Ohhh and must book X-Men tickets for the preview on Thursday night (and better make sure A and S are available, don’t think A would be too happy if we went without him – he’s a proper fan, I only got into to it when I saw the animated cartoon on telly, but don’t tell anyone else that…).

I’m currently looking for an easy way to transfer a lot files between two PCs, I don’t want to have to setup a network or anything, just whack a cable between them – if you know how please drop me a line. I’m reasonably technical so don’t be too scared.