Like Lyle, I’m working at home, waiting for the presence of a Transco van to make itself known. Yes, the gasman is coming. I’m not holding my breath, which is just as well as it’s now 1.30pm and he’s yet to appear.

Of course the coming of the gasman means one thing, yes that’s right, my brain gets stuck on an endless loop of the “Gasman” sketch in Bottom.

(loudly) “Hello Mr. Gasman!” (Richie)
“Er, yes, hello again. I wonder if I could just read your me–” (Gasman)
“Mr. who?” (Eddie)
(shouting) “GASMAN! GASMAN! GASMAN!” (R)
“Do you have someone who looks after you? Could I see them, because I need
to read your meter!” — Gasman

It’s just me then, right you are…

Update. 5.30pm. Still waiting. Have spent time trying to figure out who Flanders and Swann are (were? is?)..

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