There will be no blogging this weekend because:

  • My best mate is in town tonight and tomorrow, that means a lot of beer
  • Going straight to the pub from work tonight
  • Out most of day tomorrow – beer, Revenge of the Sith, food, more beer
  • Sunday and (hangover permitting) either out in garden (weather permitting), or doing some minor DIY stuff, possibly even visiting family
  • I can’t really be bothered at the moment anyway

I know fine well that I might post at some point over the weekend but right now, at this very moment, I’m actually looking forward to a weekend away from the PC. It may even stay switched off ALL WEEKEND (shock, horror!!).

In the same vein, I can also see me not bothering to take my camera with me on Saturday as I’d much rather sit and chat with my friends than take photos of them (I’m a bit odd that way).

Never fear, I will return on Monday and regale you with tales of drunken debauchery, hilarity and sarcasm, I’ll try and avoid too many in-jokes as well.

I hope everyone has as good a weekend as I’m planning.

UPDATE: Just realised why blogland is so quiet today. Most of you buggers are on holiday, aren’t you! Well poo to you (theme of the day according to Adrian and pix). AND I’m working on Monday as well. Double poo!