Bits and bobs

AKA stuff that should probably be tweets.

The restorative powers of hanging out with a toddler should not be underestimated. Even is she is currently, essentially, a tiny drunk shouty dictator. She is also as cute as a button.

Since moving to a flat with a west facing living room window, I seem to have become a little obsessed with sunsets (as those on my Instagram can attest). This is a good thing. A gentle reminder that we are all just dots on a massive spinning ball of carbon, that every day has an end, and a new day will arrive soon enough. Calming moments.

Anyone else have/remember the shooting gallery game Magic Shot by Ideal? And when I say game, I mean hardware based, magnets and ball bearings! Peeeoowwww! (This memory was brought to you by random nostalgia).

Tattoo thoughts continue. Trying to be a little disciplined and keep to my plans (Paul Talbot gets my left thigh, for example), but a new idea and an unplanned spot to fill looks the most likely. Although tattoo care in the middle of your back is gonna be tricky!

Gorillaz are coming to Glasgow! Pricey but I’ve liked them for too long to miss it. Gig wise that’s KT Tunstall, Weezer, War on Drugs, and Gorillaz lined up. No doubt a few more to come.

I’m seeing more and more cars on the road with matt paint. I think it’s wonderful, saves me having to figure out from the brand or model if the driver is a self-obsessed twat (top tip, most of the ones I’ve seen… Audi and BMW).

Speaking of cars, I bought a new car last week. A Mazda 3. It’s blue and goes fast (and slow). Cue ALL the Baader-Meinhof moments AKA suddenly I’m seeing them everywhere.

A random message received from a friend, full of love and care, reduced me to happy tears. Reach out to those you care about, you never know what impact it might have (and if said friend reads this, again, thank you!).

Bootcamp continues. Healthy eating continues. Will soon be a thin, muscled, sweet potato. No YOU’RE having weird dreams.