August in Review



A steadily busy month, punctuated with four days off with a rather vicious vomiting bug! A couple of great gigs, some great food and life is pretty good. Mind you, I’ve just started doing the exercises the physio has given me and I have new found hatred for foam rollers (I’m loosening my quads) and wall sits.

Health-wise I’ve given myself a bit of a kick as I’ve not been eating as best I can and having missed some Bootcamp sessions my weight has trickled back up. So back to health eating and I’ve signed up for the next Bootcamp session which kicks off on the 4th October – lean and mean for Christmas??

Alas some sad news this month with the passing of my Uncle Hamish. Fond memories of visiting Dundee and marvelling at some of his sculptures, some of which I now own.

Stepcount: 225,079 (a big drop as the vomiting bug impact me for about 10 days all in).


The Essex Serpent
Oddly captivating and I’m sure I only picked this up based on a random recommendation. I’m not really one for ‘period’ pieces but this feels like a modern novel that just happens to be set in the late 1800s. A little out of balance at times when it comes to character development, but I enjoyed this more than I thought I would when I was halfway through it.

Also good

  • V for Vendetta – Book Club choice, I’ve read it before but it’s been nice to take the time to go back and take my time to really absorb the artwork.
  • Mr. Mercedes – Ahhhhh a much easier read, not read a Stephen King book for years but they always have a familiar feel, his own little, weird, dark, creepy world.


Not really watched anything of particular note, and not managed to get to the cinema this month at all so I’ll just remind you all that whilst I have watched all of the episodes, Game of Thrones sucks.


Nothing new here either. I must remedy this in September!! (which is one advantage of doing these roundups)