Tick Tock

Well I guess I’d better come clean.

The clocks changed on Sunday morning, and we lost an hour because “Spring forward, Fall back”. This is despite the fact that we don’t have “Fall”, we have autumn and the usage of the phrase also ignores the fact that our American brethren changed their clocks a couple of weeks back. Still, mustn’t complain as the nights are now lighter, and much more prone to floating away on the breeze.

From memory I can only recall one time when I missed the changing of the clocks, and thinking about it… yes I’m pretty sure it was my parents fault. There I was, in full Boys Brigade uniform, standing at the Rialto car park wondering why no-one else was there. Scarred for life. Actually, now that I come to think about it that might explain why we are always early for things… hmmmm.

Not wanting to be late for my Sunday morning run, I diligently went round the house late on Saturday night, changing the clocks that need changed, and taking the opportunity to get them all set to the same time (I even phoned the speaking clock, what fun!). Surprisingly, for people who are constantly aware of the time, our clocks all seem to run either fast or slow and over the space of a couple of months they can end up almost five to ten minutes apart. We really should get new clocks.

So, having changed the clocks I set my alarm for 9am as I was out for an early run and knowing I was losing an hour of sleep I thought I’d try to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I sat down at the computer and set an alarm for 11.30pm, knowing fine well I’d run past that by about an hour but that would still give me a good long lie. I do like a long lie on a Sunday.

Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now there was a bit of a hiccup. Yup, that’s right. I’d set the clocks back, not forward.

To make matters worse we only realised this at around midnight which was, and remember I’d already changed the clocks BACK, two o’clock in the morning.

Me is numpty. Official.


  1. Oh dear Gordon. Oh dear oh dear. The word duh comes to mind, but that’s just nasty, so I shan’t say that. I’ll just say oh dear.

  2. Heheh. 🙂

    Due to my almost-unhealthy love of gadgets, I was blissfully unaware of the clock change in my house. My main sources of time are the TV, the computer and my alarm clock, and all 3 of them made the change for me.

    The clock on my microwave is showing the wrong time, but then again does anyone bother to set their microwave clock? Mine decided that the time it got first switched on was midnight, and I’ve never bothered to tell it otherwise.

  3. I’ll just pat my little radio-controlled alarm clock, which dealt with the time change with no manual intervention whatsoever.

    The phones all changed automagically, as did most of the other stuff in the house.

    Cooker still needed doing, and the central heating system. Oh, and bloody TomTom satnav, bizarrely. But all in all , the time leap went very smoothly indeed.

  4. I hate the spring forward. We had guests that were on time on Sunday when I thought they had showed up early.

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