Towel Day

Yo sassy froods!

I’m betting most of you know where your towels are, right? I mean it IS Towel Day.

Of course, to those of you how haven’t read the book you will have no earthly (pun intended) idea what I’m wibbling on about. But then, isn’t that the point?

I’ve always viewed these kind of ‘cult-esque’ things with a bit of a wary eye. Mainly the ones I’m not part of, though, those ones are just weird and for losers. However, since being introduced to this book by a friend, many moons ago, it’s hung around in the “pop culture” area of my brain, and is dragged forth along with jaded Monty Python dialogues and 70s pop music references.

Ohh and, for the record, I’ve only ever seen The Life of Brian and a few snippets on these “Top 100 something something of something time” shows on Channel 4/5/42. Damn. See that, did it again!

But then, isn’t that the point of pop culture? It spreads by osmosis, and soon you begin to wonder… actually HAVE I seen every episode of Monty Python Presents? Did I watch Judy Finnegan’s blouse fall open that time at the Baftas, or have I just heard about and seen it so often that I THINK I have….

Pop culture is a weird fish, no doubt, but I do wonder how it will be perceived in a few hundred years time. After all, the pop culture of today is the philosophy of tomorrow.

Or not.

Where’s my towel gone?

And yes, you may require a babelfish to decipher this nonsense, but it’s late, I’m tired and even if I COULD count to 42 I would probably have forgotten the question by the time I remember why I was counting that high anyway.

(and I said it’d be quiet around here… pah!)

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