Mega busy day.

Doctors to ear syringed (wasn’t too bad).
Barbers to get hair cut (holiday romp, severe!).
Clyde Valley with a friend to get her out of the house (poor soul isn’t well).
Various shops to get items from the ‘list’ sent by my father-in-law (tea-bags etc).
Glasgow Green for 5-a-side (didn’t injury myself either)
And now I’m doing the work I didn’t do during the day. I managed 4 hours, so only 4 or 5 to go… which means I’ll still be here at 1 a.m. (nothing new there then!)

And no, I’m not sure why I’ve used so many brackets (but I have an idea…).

Ohh and thank you for all your well wishes for our holiday and anniversary. I’ll do a last round of visits to you all tomorrow and then it’s no web for two weeks. Ohhh that’s scary.. might have to find an internet cafe… just once or twice though…

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