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I’m a compulsive note taker, especially at work. However as I’ve never really found a system that ‘works’ for me I find myself swapping between various downloaded ‘note’ applications, using text files, using Outlook notes (never stick with them for very long), and this strange new 3D medium I’ve found called pen and paper (it’s quite effective if a little prone to damage when you spill your coffee on the paper). The closest I’ve got to my ideal application was/is TexNotes.

So it was with some intrigue that I heard about Microsoft OneNote. The online demo seems to suggest that it will be useful, but then why do I need a spell-checker for a ‘notes’ application? Hmmmm I’ll stick my neck out and say this will be a good addition to the Office Suite (ohh sorry it’s not part of Office it’s part of the new Office System Products).

And yet, whilst I’m sticking my neck out at this awkward angle, I can’t help thinking that I’ll be looking back in a year’s time and laughing at myself. Again.

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