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I’ve packed in my photography course, largely because the ‘lecturer’ was about as far from a natural teacher as I could imagine and, whilst it’s interesting seeing someone talk about the photos they took, I couldn’t face sitting there for 3 hours a night, 10 weeks in a row, hearing story, after story, after story.

Still, I have a new camera and I’m determined to experiment. I’ve got precious little time in the coming weeks, but the lighter mornings and evenings have kicked in so that gives me a bit more scope as to when I can go for a wander with my camera.

I’m also going to take it to Brighton/London next week, so that’ll be fun. Never been to Brighton. I hope it doesn’t rain.

Regardless, it’ll be good to get some time with my new camera, re-teach myself the basics as, for the last year or so, all I’ve had is my iPhone. It was a deliberate decision, not to have any other camera, and I find myself far more prone to a quick snap with it, allowing me to leave the camera for when I want to be a bit more thoughtful/artistic/expressive.

Time will tell how my usage of both the iPhone as a camera will balance out now I have a dedicated camera again, but it’s gonna be fun whilst I find out.

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Speaking of Brighton – while I still recommend it more than I can say, and can draw you a little map, Friday’s just this morning turned into the day where I have to be in London every week, so I won’t be able to show you around.

It was Friday, right?
I can draw you a very complicated map, though?

That lecturer sounds awful. My wife picked up photography a few years ago – it’s a steep learning curve with no apparent end. What kind of camera did you end up with?

I too used to take a photography course and found it a complete waste of time. I found that experimenting myself and just playing about with the camera has taught me so much more than I learnt on my course. In my opinion experience is much better when it comes to photography. Stick with it and I hope you get some good pics in Brighton and London!

James Blast says:

what sort of person takes a course at this stage of the game to tell them something they already know?

I left art school in 81 (in old money) I only take courses in new dunts to programs I ‘have’ to use

Travis – a Canon EOS 550D

Lisa – yeah I think I’ll stick with “try it and see” approach

James – ??? you don’t know what I do, and don’t know. Not sure what you are trying to say.

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