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A few months ago I was asked to speak at a conference in Nottingham.

A few months ago I bought tickets for a couple of gigs, one in Manchester (Elbow), one in Glasgow (Massive Attack).

I didn’t really think about these things much until this week when I realised they were all coming up in the next month, all within the same two weeks. I travel down to Manchester on a Friday, back up the next day. Tuesday the next week finds me hopping on a plane down to East Midlands airport for a few nights in Nottingham, back up on the Friday, and then on the Monday evening following that I’m in Glasgow for the Massive Attack gig.

Funny how that happens, isn’t it.

I don’t think I’ll have much, if any, free time in Manchester as it will be largely a case of jumping off the train, checking in to the hotel, going to the gig, then maybe a wee wander in the morning and then back onto the train to head back to Scotland.

However, I may be able to get away for a couple of hours when I’m in Nottingham. I’m staying in Eastwood Hall, so if anyone has any suggestions of interesting places to go then let me know.

Should be a busy couple of weeks but I’m already looking forward to it, not only for the gigs, but the conference should be interesting as well as a new challenge for me. My presentation is on the rather loose topic of “blogging”, so I’ll be enlisting YOUR help, dear reader, at some point soon.

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The elbow gig is at the MEN Arena isn’t it? I would come down earlier and go for a pre-gig beer or two around the Northern Quarter of the city centre, where you will find a few quirky bars like “Odd” and “Troff”, or you could pop into the Hard Rock Cafe and the Triangle area. It’s only a few minutes walk from the arena and you will get a little bit of the atmosphere of the place.

Manchester’s a great city.



If you’re in Eastwood, then it may make sense to see if the DH Lawrence birthplace museum is open but Eastwood is a bit away from Nottingham centre… and the landscape of the area, being largely reclaimed from collieries, is a bit… odd…


Eastwood, eh? Poor you! DH Lawrence aside, I’m afraid that your immediate surroundings will be a bit *cough* lacking. Um… er… it’s handy for IKEA?

But if you can make it into the city centre, then hopefully a warm welcome will await you! (Is it the week of Tue Sep 22? If so, then I’ve got a clear diary that week…)

As Mike says, Eastwood’s got the DH Lawrence Museum but little else. If you like historic houses & parkland, and have a car, and a few days to spend in the area, there are some fab places like Chatsworth, Newstead Abbey (nr Ravenshead), and Hardwick Hall, to name a few.
Here’s a link to a website all about the attractions at Eastwood…

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