About blogging

If you were attending a conference, and specifically attending one of the sessions that was going to be covering “blogging”, what questions would you want answered?

No, I’m not being completely lazy, I already have a good outline of what I want to cover (why, what and how) but it’s always good to get some “pre-emptive feedback” as a colleague of mine once stated.

On the flip side, those of you who already blog, any pearls of wisdom? Any information you wished you’d known before you started?

I’ll be publishing my presentation at the same time as I take to the stage at the Technical Communication conference in September and will update it based on any questions or comments raised during my session.

After all, for me, one of the main reasons I blog, and read blogs, is to exchange ideas and knowledge. The conversation is the power and I’m really looking forward to transferring my thoughts from here (on this blog) to the conference and seeing how a ‘live audience’ reacts.


  1. Hi Gordon,

    How about:

    What’s in it for me?
    Where’s the interactivity? Even X’s blog hardly gets any comments, and he’s really famous.
    Is it worth the investment of my time?
    Isn’t it just basically vanity publishing?
    Who would want to read it?
    How will people ever find it? The internet is huge.
    I don’t think I have anything valuable to say.

    (hope at least one of two of these are useful!)

    – Chris

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