I had a few hours to myself on Saturday afternoon as Louise had gone into Glasgow to meet up with her sister and cousins for a wee afternoon out. I took the opportunity to do some shopping and, after careful deliberation, decided to buy all four shirts that I had spotted. Decadence? Not really, they were £5 each in Primark (Preemark).

Headed into Glasgow later on, met Louise and wandered up to Bath Street to meet our friends for a shandy or three. According to my darling wife I was happy drunk on Saturday night, which explains my lack of motivation for doing anything that didn’t include the words “horizontal” and “couch” on Sunday. It was an excellent night though and as usual it zipped past. Last thing I remember I was playing with remote-controlled daleks and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t just some weird dream. Ohh and whilst I remember I’d like to apologise to the brunette bar-lady in Moskito. Sorry for leering, but it was my wife who pointed you out to me, blame her.

Watched some episodes of the IT Crowd last night but not as funny as the episode of Robot Chicken that we watched late on Saturday night. Admittedly I was fairly drunk by that point and can’t actually remember WHAT I was laughing at but I do remember that it was very funny. A-torrenting-we-go this evening. Which reminds me, I heard that some of the bigger torrent sites were hit by lawyers recently, anyone spotted any fallout?

Ohh and that, in turn, reminds me that I’ve got a draft post about torrents (a how to) sitting waiting to be finished. Must stop procrastinating. Wouldn’t it be great to blog full-time? Jason Kottke has just finished his “year of blogging” raising $40,000 in the process. Not to shoddy. Anyone fancy ‘sponsoring’ me to do the same?

Right, it’s 8.25am, time for coffee and the perusing of emails. Ohhh wait, I almost forgot.

Anyone know the rugby scores from the weekend?