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Buy Nothing Day – November 29th 2003.

I’m pretty sure I can do this, as tomorrow will mainly involve sleeping in, then picking up our youngest niece and nephew, and (Lyle, look away now) … putting up our Christmas Tree and decorations.

And before anyone says anything, I live with a woman whose whole being is focussed on Christmas, she loves the giving of presents, visiting people, and mostly the lights, tinsel and colours etcetera etcetera. We are out on Sunday for most of the day, and she doesn’t like putting it up during the week as she doesn’t like to rush such an important ‘occasion’. So it’s either tomorrow or the 8th December. I suggested the 8th was fine, the withering glare convinced me I was wrong.

Right, you can start the slagging in the comments.

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All over the interwebnet this one, but I like this article, and more specifically some of the comments after it (I would stop after the first 20 or so comments as they degenerate into the usual childish flaming): Emancipating Hard Drives.

Favourite Comment: “I perceive Los Angeles County as discriminatory. Please remove it from itself.”

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One advantage of not really having much time to write about anything means that I can take great pleasure in pointing you to some choice pieces written by others.

For example:
I was a prepubescent hooker – A must read if you don’t really ‘get’ rugby.
Things that happen in 1000-acre woods – because I got the same mental image and feel it only fair that you should too.
The Munch Bunch – why carrots are bad to eat… sorta…

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It’s not often you find out (thanks Izb) about a brand new blog (only two posts so far) but as we used to work with her I guess it was insider knowledge…

Is it home time yet? – Scottish woman quits job to travel……runs out of cash, and discovers the joy of contracting.

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