Our Gentle Parenting

Reading time: 4 mins It was probably a few months before he was born that I really started to read up on the various aspects of what being a parent would mean. We bought books, read them in-depth, made notes and held study sessions so ensure we absorbed every morsel of information we could. Except we didn’t do that. […]

Dad friends

Reading time: 6 mins I am very very lucky. I live with, I married, I have a son with, my best friend. We don’t fight (occasionally disagree) and we talk a lot about our thoughts and emotions, call each other out when it’s needed, we support each other, we hug, we laugh, we kiss, we cry. We are good […]

Back at it

Reading time: 3 mins I am nothing if not consistently repetitive; I’ve posted about running, couch to 5KM apps, jogging groups (jogScotland), completing an organised 10KM race, going to the gym for bootcamps and sticking with it through to lifting weights (140kg squat, 140kg deadlift, 90kg bench press PBs), to rediscovering cycling in a big way through COVID lockdown […]

The slow walk home

Reading time: 2 mins There is a chill in the air this late autumn day, but she doesn’t mind. A freshness on the breeze roses her cheeks, her warm breath forming mini clouds that briefly engulf her features. She loves days like today where she can take her time and enjoy life; finding pleasure in all the sounds around […]

A very minor peeve (in three parts)

Reading time: 3 mins We all have little things that don’t quite sit right with us, things that others do that irk, but not annoy. It’s a unique type of very minor annoyance that doesn’t derail you, but still catches in your brain, maybe with a mild shake of the head, before you progress with your day. You have […]

Forever writing my song

Reading time: 3 mins In another life I am a songwriter, likely a piano based performer of my own songs, or perhaps a conductor of a small orchestra. Some of the songs I write are upbeat, proclaiming a love of life, the beauty of a moment stolen, the quiet joy of a tiny yellow flower breathing life into a […]