Home again.

Christmas morning spent an hour packing the car. Picked up my Gran and headed to my parents. Gifts, food, and wine. Headed to brother-in-laws at 7.30pm. More drinks, food and gifts. Got to bed a 2.30am (earlier than expected).

Woke on Boxing Day with same headache that had been threatening to develop all of the previous day. Went back to bed at 2.30pm, woke at 5pm. Watched TV. Finally felt human(ish) at 9.30pm – too late to go and meet friends. Majorly pissed off.

Luckily managed to meet couple of friends for lunch yesterday, planned extravaganza for next Christmas. Home late evening, just in time to receive phone call from Susan. her husband had fainted and split his head open. Rushed them to casualty, a few stitches and back home in an hour.

Today, sofa, tv, movies, waiting on pizza.

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