Thank fuck it's…

…Friday. OH NO, it’s Friday the 13th!! (cue scary music…)

Bit of an odd week. Up and down. Busy on all fronts but only progressing a few.

All summed up last night when my Mum phoned and asked what we’d been up to… I was stumped. Essentially we’ve ‘done’ nothing all week. No cinema, nowt. Just TV, books and PHP…

Of course this weekend will be different. ‘Tis the weekend of lurve. We will do something during the day, and retire home where I’ll turn the kitchen into a battlezone and we’ll quaff a few large glasses of vino whilst trying to figure out what I cooked. There will be cards, and maybe flowers (hand-picked if I can find any), copious amounts of candles will be burned and we’ll stay awake until the wee small hours talking about dreams.

Romance is what you make it, thankfully both of us agree that romance doesn’t cost £35 for roses, £50 for dinner nor require any gifts. We love each other every single day of the year, can’t put a price on that.

In other news, today is cake day at work and I’m actually in work on a Friday. Which is nice. I’m over my blip of yesterday (hell I was over it by about 3pm), so expect more from me today.

Right, I’m off to get my cocktail order in…

BTW wee david, I can’t ‘click’ your comments link. The rest of the links on the page work fine. V.odd!

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