I’ve been getting back skinning and customisation of my desktop recently thanks to Samurize, Neowin and (the sadly defunct but still findable with Google) Y’z Dock. It’s slightly addictive mind you – and I find myself changing things a lot more than I used to… especially when you come across a screenshot of someone else’s desktop and think “ohhhh I like that!”.

So, how many of you guys are bothered about ‘skinning’ applications or customisation of your OS?

UPDATE: Well the initial response to this is “eh?” so here is a primer for you. One note here, if you do decide to ‘skin’ Windows XP by getting some new themes (the default blue with green start button is called Luna BTW) then let me know. I’ll post a screenshot of my current desktop when I get home to show you some of what is possible. Of course if you aren’t interested just say so I don’t waste my time!

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