I’ve not been leaving as many comments on other sites as I used to, even though I’m still reading as many (if not more) sites.

Someone pointed out to me that I could be more constructive with my comments, and they were right. Often my comments are short, silly and pointless. I rarely engage in the ‘discussions’ in a comment box, preferring to comment once, possibly read any newer comments, and then move on.

(BTW, to the person who pointed this out to me, you were right not to let it slide, I’m not having a go at you).

However I think my approach is starting to affect my ‘writing’ here. I think less and less about what I post here, and as I’ve stated before, this is something I want to change.

Change takes time and effort though, both things I have little of at present (for the pedants in the audience, I have little energy, not little effort although they are kinda the same thing so maybe I DID mean I have little effort… fucksticks). Instead I’m doing what I do best, avoiding the issue by re-designing again, and playing about with the Scottish Blogs site.

So, I need you all to be honest, have I ever left a comment on your site that… no hang on… I don’t need YOUR validation. I can leave whatever comments I like! I mean you are all idiots and I’m wonderful, so it’s only fair.

Spot the recurring theme?

Note: I do NOT consider you ALL to be idiots (heh), and I’m as far from wonderful as you could possibly get. So to the other person who contacted me telling me that I shouldn’t really write those kind of things I have this to say – fuck off and stop reading.

Christ, I’ve started taking after Kitten and come over all militant.

Crap, I wasn’t gonna talk about that show was I… oh well. If you don’t like you can f… ohh you know…