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Finally watched the first two episodes of series seven of THE BEST TV SHOW ON … TV!!!

Yeah, Jack Bauer is back.

I don’t watch a huge amount of TV, although part of me wishes I did as I tend to miss out on some of the conversations over lunch in the office, but if I’m honest I get bored quiet quickly with most shows.

A good example would be Masterchef, I quite enjoy the idea but OH MY GOD, it’s a 15-20 minute programme that’s spun out to fill 30 minutes with tedious and repetitive…. no, I must stop. I can feel my blood pressure rising.

Ohhh which, whilst I remember, is doing fine thanks. Two pills every morning and I’m back down to normal levels.

I wonder if Jack ever has his blood pressure taken?

24 is a simple enough concept. Jack Bauer is a counter terrorist agent in the USA, and each series takes place in a single 24 hour timeframe. There are usually terrorists, agents, double agents, deadly weapons, life threatening situations and a the usual round of bluff and double bluff.

The first series was startling in it’s approach. Lots of fast cuts, short snappy dialogue and multi-layered plots. Frequently you’d be shown something just to keep you guessing, a suspicious look here, a hastily hidden file there. It was engrossing, entertaining and, of course, completely over the top and largely nonsense.

I’m a great believer in the suspension of disbelief for these such things. Be it a TV show or a movie, I’ll happily ignore gaping plot holes, and completely dismiss any notion that what I’m being shown is anything but the truth. It’s a good way to unwind and 24 moves swiftly enough that I can’t guess what’s going on and so it retains my interest.

Anyway, I’ve talked about all of this before so, I guess, I just wanted to say that Jack’s back and I’m a happy bunny!!


“I mean, look at him”


“That guy, with the tan jacket”

“What about him?”

“Well I know I’m not the most fashionable guy, but even I wouldn’t wear THAT”

“What? A tan jacket??”

“No, ohh can’t you see from there? Ahhh wait a minute, wait until that woman moves the buggy… wait…”


“See, told you.”

“But why? I mean… why? That’s just SO wrong. Do you think she dressed him and forgot he was a guy?”

“Hey, at least they match his jacket.. and they’re clean, they certainly don’t look like they’ve ever seen a building site that’s for sure.”

“You’re right there, cleanest pair of work boots I’ve ever seen!!”

“Still doesn’t explain why he’s got his trousers tucked into them though…”

The online status of blogrolling.com is currently changing faster than superman in a phone booth. One minute it’s up, next minute it’s down. I wouldn’t mind but I can’t get the built in “blogrolling-esque” WordPress stuff to work properly (it won’t show when I site has been updated), and considering Bloglines was down for a while yesterday I can’t even tag into that system.

So, for the next few hours, there ain’t no blogroll. Sorry.

Decided something is better than nothing – Other Blogs section now back (on the left) but doesn’t show when a site has updated.


Whilst I’m bitching, does anyone know how to STOP WordPress adding paragraph tags where it doesn’t need to? Keeps catching me out but chucking them in where they aren’t required. Will search the forums later. I’m hoping to learn a lot more about WordPress in the coming months, especially as I’ve bitten the bullet and signed up to work on their Wiki. Guess I should finish the first batch of topics on the HaloScan Wiki first though.


AND ANOTHER THING!! The search only seems to return the first 10 posts. WHY OH WHY OH WHY!

Blogging Tech

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Today’s challenge, to see how productive I can be having had three hours sleep. Well, otherwise it’d just be another boring Monday, right? Why couldn’t I sleep? It’s all zed’s fault (well her and a splitting headache that developed about 10 mins after I’d gone to bed).

I feel sorry for Monday sometimes. Gets an awful lot of bad press.

Anyway, this week starts slow and doesn’t really kick in until Wednesday evening and the Faithless gig in the Big Red Shed (SECC). I wasn’t massively impressed by their last album but I’m assured that they are an excellent live band, and considering the support is Mylo well, it’s like two bands for the price of one. A new favourite, and possibly my album of the year, coupled with an old pro. Should be good, right?

Thursday night and I’ll be tuning in for Peel Night on Radio 1. If I can get BlogMatrix to work I’ll be recording it as well, especially as it runs from 7pm-1am. Not exactly a one listen show methinks.

Friday night and the annual “drag me along and then have to drag me home” night – otherwise known as our company Christmas party – rolls around. This year we are in the Hilton in Glasgow. Hope it’s up to scratch, as the last two years at the Radisson have been excellent. Right now, sitting here at my desk, trying to stay awake (and wondering why no bugger thought to buy coffee, honestly, what’s the point of having a nice coffee machine if THERE ISN’T ANY COFFEE AND OH MY GOD I NEED CAFFEINE!!!!! Ahem… sorry… where was I? Ohh yes, the Xmas party…) I can see the night far enough, especially as it’s a different venue and I’ve already been forewarned about the price of drinks there. Still, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Anyway, how rude of me, how was YOUR weekend?

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…Friday. OH NO, it’s Friday the 13th!! (cue scary music…)

Bit of an odd week. Up and down. Busy on all fronts but only progressing a few.

All summed up last night when my Mum phoned and asked what we’d been up to… I was stumped. Essentially we’ve ‘done’ nothing all week. No cinema, nowt. Just TV, books and PHP…

Of course this weekend will be different. ‘Tis the weekend of lurve. We will do something during the day, and retire home where I’ll turn the kitchen into a battlezone and we’ll quaff a few large glasses of vino whilst trying to figure out what I cooked. There will be cards, and maybe flowers (hand-picked if I can find any), copious amounts of candles will be burned and we’ll stay awake until the wee small hours talking about dreams.

Romance is what you make it, thankfully both of us agree that romance doesn’t cost £35 for roses, £50 for dinner nor require any gifts. We love each other every single day of the year, can’t put a price on that.

In other news, today is cake day at work and I’m actually in work on a Friday. Which is nice. I’m over my blip of yesterday (hell I was over it by about 3pm), so expect more from me today.

Right, I’m off to get my cocktail order in…

BTW wee david, I can’t ‘click’ your comments link. The rest of the links on the page work fine. V.odd!

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It had better be good, it had better deliver the goods, and live up to all the hype, and hype there will be, not to mention expectation… OH the expectation..

What am I wittering on about? The new Stereo MC’s album – Deep Down and Dirty (nice title). I’m jigging up and down in my seat already in anticipation. This is the band who got me into hip-hop, dance..well anything with a funky beat (God that sounds soooo corny). See I had a previous life as a metalhead, still do really. One thing, catch this band live – it is a much overused phrase these days, but ‘THEY ROCK!’

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