[insert large cat themed title]

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That is a “large cat” not a “large title” that is “cat themed”. Although that would work too I guess… Mac owners the world over know that tomorrow sees the release of the most important new piece of software for sometime. Just after Apple have released record figures which see them now positioned as the…

apple insider

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Apple Insider is doing a set of posts, in the lead up to the new version of OSX (Leopard), entitled “Road to Mac OS X Leopard”. So far they’ve covered the history of the Dock and the Finder. Despite the titles, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour do not appear.

On my Mac

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Well I’ve had it for a while now so here are some of the goodies I have installed on my MacBook. I’ve tried a lot of apps over the past few months, the following are the ones I’ve settled on. One thing to note is that there does seem to be a different kind of…


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I’ve been getting back skinning and customisation of my desktop recently thanks to Samurize, Neowin and (the sadly defunct but still findable with Google) Y’z Dock. It’s slightly addictive mind you – and I find myself changing things a lot more than I used to… especially when you come across a screenshot of someone else’s…


Gadget envy

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My contract is up so it is new mobile phone time methinks… But which one? Tariff has to be cross network, phone must have gadgets. Currently I’m heading towards the Orange SPV (my mate has one and it is very smart aside from the fact it is running on an MS OS… blue screen of…