Reading time: < 1 min For lunch today, whilst the cars drone round the F1 circuit in Bahrain and millions of weary runners plod their way over the finishing line of the London Marathon, I will be having Raisin and Cinnamon bagels, lightly toasted. On said bagels I’ll put some salad cream and some thin slices of chicken. Apparently this […]

Regress my tech

Reading time: 2 mins Danah Boyd has been reflecting on her long lost handwriting skills. “My ability to communicate without editing has decayed. My patience for creating text at a rate slower than I think has decayed.” Are we getting lazy? Are we too reliant on technology or are we simply adapting how we work and think to match […]


Reading time: 2 mins My life has been littered with decisions over the past week or so. None particularly major but each crucial in a small way. The decision with the biggest impact is definitely whether I should pay the electricity bill, or purchase the Mac OSX upgrade. OK, not really a decision… (yes I’ll pay the bill… meh). […]

Black Swan Green

Reading time: < 1 min Black Swan Green Another holiday book, by a favourite author, and it’s as every bit as good as his previous novels, whilst remaining (like the others) completely different to anything he’s written before. In the book, you spend just over a year with a 13 year old boy called Jason as he plots his way […]


Reading time: 2 mins After a long week, a night out was just what I required. The fact that the company put some cash behind the bar for us was an added bonus. Thankfully I had Saturday to myself, which is just as well as I spent it comatose on the couch, munching on chocolate chip muffins and Steak […]

Best Banner Ever

Reading time: < 1 min “THE BLOKE BEHIND ME CAN’T SEE” A teenager waves his placard about in the Australia v England Twenty20 match.