Stop Planning

I've recently managed to do something I've been trying to do for a while. In fact, I've managed it twice. The interesting realisation for me is that I hadn't planned to do it the way it happened, it just ... happened. This event had it's genesis in the realisation that it's ok to fail. That

Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex

Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex by Alice Turing Every now and then I end up reading a book that takes me by surprise. It's not always a huge surprise, sometimes that surprise sneaks up on me part way through the book with the realisation that I'm really enjoying it, and sometimes that surprise waits

And then… nothing

All quiet on the house front unfortunately. But I have been able to crack on with some website work and as always it's great when the client is accomodating, helpful and all round just a nice guy. Say hi to (then go buy one of his books!). I'm also adding some functionality for a

Words and books

I'm blaming Stephen Fry. I tried, I really did try and read his autobiography but it just didn't flow for me. As wonderful a wordsmith as he is, it just didn't read well, the flow and cadence was wrong and I found myself slowing down to read things in his voice. Whilst I like Stephen

Scheduling everything?

My birthday is in a few weeks and, as is the way of things, I've been asked for a few suggestions for presents. Apparently "nothing" isn't an option though, so I did some thinking and googling and as ever came up with a few books that caught my eye. The problem is that I already

One Minute

My current role is changing a bit, with some additional responsibilities being added, specifically around line management. As such, I've been reading The One Minute Manager and have to admit it's given me a lot to think about. The basic principles are to instill any team members or staff with a simple structure in which

The Black Album by Hanif Kureishi

Part of me thinks I've read The Buddha of Suburbia, part of me doubts it very much, and a quiet part of me, which knows better, points out that it was probably White Teeth by Zadie Smith or the unending London Fields by Martin Amis. The comparison is all I'm looking for which is particularly

The latest thing

I'm terribly guilty of starting things but never finishing them, and Tuesday prompted me into action once more. With all the best will in the world I just know that I'll use the Goodreads website avidly for a few weeks and then my interest will be grabbed by someth... ohh shiny!! I am an online,

Book Lull

Teetering tall and shamed, the pile remains dust covered and untouched. A reminder of best efforts and failed endeavours, a totem of willing words, waiting to be uncovered. And my parents added another two books to the top of it last week. Gah!! I dare not count them for, not only would the number be

Healing the Curse of Knowledge

Last year I read the book Made to Stick, in which the phrase "The Curse of Knowledge" makes an appearance. The authors of the book will be delighted to know that the phrase stuck in my head and I can be heard applying it in all sorts of scenarios. The principle is quite simple: Once

A Message for Obama (pt. 2)

In early November I took a photo of myself holding a short message for the 'soon to be President' Barack Obama. It was as part of a Flickr group which I thought was a nice idea and which seemed to capture the mood at the time. I mentioned it here and, to be honest, thought

Mr. Men

Like many children of my era, I grew up being read, then reading, the wonderfully insightful Mr. Men books. I had a Mr. Tickle hot water bottle, Mr. Men wallpaper and even a matching Mr. Men bedspread. I had the Mr. Men tapes, which I'm sure my parents must've grown thoroughly sick off as I

Made to Stick

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Take Hold and Others Come Unstuck I can't recall why I picked up this book, most likely a recommendation from the same sources through which I discovered The Tipping Point (which itself inspired this book), but I've been dipping in and out of it for a while and finally