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For lunch today, whilst the cars drone round the F1 circuit in Bahrain and millions of weary runners plod their way over the finishing line of the London Marathon, I will be having Raisin and Cinnamon bagels, lightly toasted.

On said bagels I’ll put some salad cream and some thin slices of chicken.

Apparently this is “weird”.

So I was wondering, dear reader, if:

  1. You think that is, indeed, weird
  2. If you eat anything similarly weird

In the case of the latter, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, a staple lunch during my 6th year at school was a roll with cheese, ham and banana.


Guess, I’d best not mention the week when I moved down to England and most nights had a dinner of tuna, smash and beans, lest you think I’m some kind of weirdo.


Can’t be bothered looking this up… but can RSI manifest itself in your shoulder? My right shoulder has been killing me for days, ibuprofen helps, and it only started when I started doing extra hours at work (and home!).

It’s making watching the London Marathon are real pain… 😉

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Vaughan remind me about watching the London Marathon on Sunday. I was in the gym, on the treadmill, watching the men’s race hit the 21 mile mark. The three runners out front looked fresh, were moving freely, and were putting in low 5 minutes miles.

After 10 minutes on the treadmill I was bright red, heavy legged, sweating like the proverbial *****, and ready to collapse. A long distance runner I will never be.

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Gym yesterday. Gym tonight.

Yesterday’s ‘session’ was odd, pounding on the treadmill whilst watching the London Marathon. They’d just passed through the 21 mile marker when I stopped… after 10 mins. Never thought I’d skulk out of a gym, but there you go.

One of those links people email you:
This is spooky, answer a few (OK about 25-30) questions and be amazed: Guess the Dictator or Television Sit Com Character.


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