For lunch today, whilst the cars drone round the F1 circuit in Bahrain and millions of weary runners plod their way over the finishing line of the London Marathon, I will be having Raisin and Cinnamon bagels, lightly toasted.

On said bagels I’ll put some salad cream and some thin slices of chicken.

Apparently this is “weird”.

So I was wondering, dear reader, if:

  1. You think that is, indeed, weird
  2. If you eat anything similarly weird

In the case of the latter, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, a staple lunch during my 6th year at school was a roll with cheese, ham and banana.


Guess, I’d best not mention the week when I moved down to England and most nights had a dinner of tuna, smash and beans, lest you think I’m some kind of weirdo.

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I could make sweeping statements about the poor state of the Scottish Diet but I like jelly and cos lettuce mixed together. I discovered it by accident when at school in the states cos we had those trays that also served as plates. The salad and the pudding sort of crept together.

Chips (no vinegar) dipped in vanilla icecream. I’m absolutely mad about those two flavours mixed together. I haven’t done in in ages, but I used to go to McDonald’s, eat half a portion of fries, dip the other half in the icecream, then finish off the icecream.

I still like the (apparently very weird) tuna and beetroot sandwiches.

Ideally it’s just tinned tuna with sliced pickled beetroot on the top – tuna mayo can work and non-pickled beetroot can work too, but the best is still the simplest.

Oh, and it’s best on thick rolls rather than using sliced bread, which tends to fall apart too easily.

The other weird one (although less popular in my opinion) is Banana and Branston. Sounds vile, but somehow it works too.


No and erm, n o. According to me, of course.

Blue Witch – c’mon spill! there must be something that you fear others might find weird!

And K – yeah, I’m a weirdo, I even eat beans! πŸ˜‰

Feta with Nutela on a piece of white bread. Don’t care if it sounds weird – anyone I made try it, they confessed it was fantabulous.

But that’s maybe cos I MADE them try it…

No, I eat bagels toasted but unbuttered,with nothing else added. Probably the oddest thing I eat is apple core and orange pith. If I’m in the mood, orange peel. I’m a walking compost heap.

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