Reading time: 3 mins I’m currently playing with the new O2 Cocoon, a mobile phone cum lifestyle friend, or whatever warm fuzzy marketing spin they are putting on it. Essentially a mobile phone with media player leanings, there are a few nice touches that elevate this above your standard mobile phone fare. I’ll post more about how it handles […]

A thank you

Reading time: 2 mins My parents did an excellent job in bringing me up. Putting aside the fact that I have to say that because they both read this blog, I do truly believe that. They taught me manners and how to have an open mind, two things I value very very highly. It is with the former in […]

Like, DUH

Reading time: < 1 min I visited a small branch of a well known high street shoe repairer this lunchtime — starts with a T, ends in “impson” — and have to admit that they employ people of such high calibre that the mind boggles. As I approached the door I could see a small handwritten sign stuck on the […]

And relax…

Reading time: < 1 min Car Tax purchased. Phew. Highly entertaining little old lady at the Post Office as well, insisted on talking to the entire queue about how she didn’t look it but she was 65. It was quite obvious that she was older than that but it made everyone smile and chuckle. However it did highlight a problem […]

Take a Stand

Reading time: < 1 min The UK police, the secret service, and the tax man can find out where you’re surfing. In August, so will the Post Office. If a new rule passes Parliament, over twenty government departments will be able to spy on your browsing without a warrant. Find out the facts. Fax your MP. Stop the order.