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My parents did an excellent job in bringing me up. Putting aside the fact that I have to say that because they both read this blog, I do truly believe that. They taught me manners and how to have an open mind, two things I value very very highly. It is with the former in mind that I write this post, although the latter does come into play.

For I have a mysterious parcel awaiting me at the Post Office!

Yes, I received that lovely little card from the Post Office. The one that says “we tried to deliver this but you had the audacity not to be at home, you must be at work, so now YOU have to come and collect what WE should deliver”. I hate those cards, why order something to be delivered to your home if you have to go and drive to a Post Office to collect it? And why is there never any parking near a Post Office, surely the majority of people have to visit the ‘”pickup centre” to collect their undelivered goods?

However, I had an added bonus on the card for, yes dear reader, not only do I have to leave work early to get to the Post Office depot before that pickup centre closes (ohh right, so THEY can keep office hours, but I can’t?!) but I also have to pay ร‚ยฃ1.06 in additional postage! Fab.

The thing is, I have NO idea what this package contains. I am waiting on race numbers for a 5K in a couple of weeks but they’ll come in an envelope (just like the other set I got in the post yesterday).

Which leaves two possibilities.

  1. Some kind soul has ordered something for me which, if I’m not mistaken means IT’S A PRESENT!!!
  2. OR

  3. I’m a numpty and I ordered something without realising it.

If it’s option 1, I’d like to thank the lovely person who has sent me such a lovely present, one that is so BIG that they got the postage wrong. It is a most unexpected surprise and I’m sure I’ll love it. Whatever it is.

Option 2 is possible but as my bank account shows no signs of any untoward transactions it seems unlikely. I’m not discounting the possibility of course, it may be something I ordered a month ago that has only come into production (ohh god, not that R2-D2 DVD projector.. I didn’t… did I??).

No, it must be option 1. One of my dearest darling readers has sent me a present to thank me for all my tireless efforts over the years. Whoever you are, I do hope you left a note with your lavish gift, as I’d very much like to thank you properly. Of course you may want to remain anonymous, with the gift simply a small tribute offered in reverence, and if that is the case I will respect your wishes. Anything that encourages you to send me more stuff!

You know what?

I have the horrible feeling this post is going to backfire.

Update: And I was right!

It backfired. It was the stamp-addressed envelope I am expecting back with my 5K race details in it.

Poo. And I was all excited too…

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Lavish gift? I’m guessing it’s a jiffy bag with 106 penny coins inside.

Given that Royal Mail now charge something close to a pound surcharge if something is underpaid, it’s probably quite a small thing that was stamped as a first class thin letter (32p) which RM decided was too large for that sort of post, so reduced to second class as it was underpaid, and should therefore have cost 37p. Maximum 100g then.

It might even just be a mail order catalogue… I’d suggest you ask to see it before you pay for it. They have to let you do that, they you can refuse it if you don’t want it.

The last Mysterious Parcel I had was actually meant for someone else. Very disappointing indeed.

It’s the “The package was too big to fit through the letter box” thing that gets me.

It should read: “I left your package in the van and can’t be arsed to go and get it, and I’m running late, so…..”

And our dept closes at NOON! Yes, NOON!!!

It COULD have been a present. I like your optimism.

For me the packages are always work related and therfore no fun at all. Ever.

mum says:

Thank you for the kind words – it did help that as you take after your father in the ‘easy going’ department you were an easy child to bring up.

Awww! But so feel where you`re coming from…and they never seem to realise that not everyone actually has a car and hence have buses and walks to make just for the stupid package…. Here it`s a different story, when the mailman showed up with my newest Potter, he bowed profusely apologising for being half an hour later than promiced…and if one is not at home when a packet is delivered one just phones and it`delivered straight away!! Gotta love Japan!

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