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Have I mentioned the tour of the brewery from last weekend? I don’t think I have.

Was a company thing, a tour of the WEST brewery in Glasgow, which follows strict German brewing guidelines, followed by a BBQ of German meat products (and some salad stuff) and lots of free drinks.

LOTS and LOTS of free drinks. So many that, to our eternal Scottish shame we didn’t even use all of our free beer tokens! (I’m expecting to be excommunicated soon).

It’s safe to say I was quite merry. Quite merry indeed.

In fact, it was only on Tuesday that someone reminded me that, in amongst several pints of a delicious amber nectar called Munich Red, a couple of rounds of shots, we’d also quaffed a few jugs of cocktails. THAT’S how merry I was.

It was a bit silly of me, considering I had a surprise afternoon tea party the very next day, but you know how these things go. Best intentions soon go out of the window when the beer starts to flow and the laughs certainly help distract you from both the amount you are drinking, and just how fast the clock is moving. Ohhh the stories I could tell, but I won’t.

I mean it wouldn’t be fair to point out that someone got so drunk they fell over (not big, not clever but double-trouble funny as he took out another guy on his way down). And I certainly wouldn’t mention who it was that happily accepted £1.71 to eat a slice of sausage that had been on the floor, dunked in dregs of beer and other such ‘garnishes’. And there is no way I’ll bring up THAT conversation with THAT guy which really only confirmed some suspicions and left me pondering some aspects of myself.

It was a good afternoon/night.

And the best bit? The best bit was probably Sunday morning. Wakening up slowly, waiting for the pounding headache to kick in. AND NOTHING HAPPENED!!

It was a miracle! A MIRACLE, I TELLS YA!!

Normally, even though it was spread out over a many hours, and there was some hearty eating in there too, I’d still have woken up with a bit of a ‘head’. I think it’s down to the beer I was drinking being brewed fresh in the building, with no additives or chemicals.  A very pleasant surprise indeed.

It’s almost enough to make me join CAMRA.


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I visited a small branch of a well known high street shoe repairer this lunchtime — starts with a T, ends in “impson” — and have to admit that they employ people of such high calibre that the mind boggles.

As I approached the door I could see a small handwritten sign stuck on the inside. It stated “Gone to Post Office, back in a few minutes”. Looking past the sign I could clearly see the man behind the counter, and the two customers waiting to be served.

I walked in.

After serving the two guys in front of me, and whilst I waited for my “only take a minute I guess” job to be done, another two customers, like me, ignored the sign and formed a queue.

The guy behind the counter looked up, sighed quietly and took off his jacket.

“Guess you won’t be getting to the Post Office then…” I said lightly, in attempt at mild humour.

“Well it is our busiest time” he replied.

Lost for words, I nodded. It was either that or blurt out the sarcastic thought in my head.. “YA THINK?!!”.



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