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Car Tax purchased. Phew.

Highly entertaining little old lady at the Post Office as well, insisted on talking to the entire queue about how she didn’t look it but she was 65. It was quite obvious that she was older than that but it made everyone smile and chuckle.

However it did highlight a problem with the new Chip and Pin cards. She couldn’t hear the man behind the screen and when he asked her if she wanted to withdraw all of her pension – he was shouting so everyone could hear him – she said yes, that she got ร‚ยฃ85 and was entitled to it! Would she put in her pin number, he asked. Yes she said, it’s …..

Awful. She took a while getting her pension sorted and we ended up leaving around the same time. I let her walk in front of me and I followed her into town, for some reason wary that someone may have overheard.

Anyway, that wasn’t what I wanted to talk about (I do have a question about post titles still but that can keep, it’s boring me now). Are the new .xxx domain names a good thing?

I say yes, it should make filtering p*rn sites a lot easier.

Other new domains that have just been approved:

  • .xxx (approved)
  • .jobs (approved)
  • .travel (approved)
  • .cat (approved)
  • .post (approved)
  • .mobi (approved)

The temptation to rush off and purchase is very tempting…

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