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To follow on from yesterday’s posts – and I suggest you have a quick skim of it and the comments or none of the following will make sense (but then, does it ever?) – I’d like to delve further into the whole “post titles” thang, how do you use them and what that may say about you (or quite possibly I’ll ramble on a bit and try to pretend that I’m quite clever).

Firstly a confession.

Bless me father, for I have sinned. I do not consider how people may find my site, I do not consider what they may be looking for when they come to my site, I am an evil sinner and by the power of the almighty Google, I ask for your forgiveness, blessing, and enough traffic to justify having adverts (subsequently allowing me to retire at 35).

Phew, that feels better. Now, where was I? Ohh yes.. just let me put away the ritual devil worshipping skull rosary beads.

Post titles then.

As Adrian notes my posts have a tendency to span topics, it’s an affliction brought on by this current design – I can’t bear the thought of a three line post sitting beneath those big green letters, so out of proportion *shudders* – and something I’ll be addressing soon(ish).

So what is my method? Well most of the time is startlingly similar to everyone else’s. I either go with something relevant and meaningful, something I reserve for factual posts (lessons, articles, whatever you want to call them), or I grab a song snippet or pop culture phrase. Lastly I use the Pirillo method.

This method is highly advanced and not for the faint hearted. It can take some time to master but is good to have as a fall back when the title fairy refuses to sprinkle some pixie dust on my brain. The tip itself was gleaned from an early edition of the Lockergnome newsletter (highly recommended).

So, if you think you can handle it, I’ll give you the method. Those of faint-heart should skip to the next paragraph (bemusement from reading my site is one thing, cardiac arrests quite another). Ready? It’s simple really leave the title to last and, once you’ve written your post, randomly pick two or three words to make the title. Simple. Typically your title will be nonsense and completely baffling but hey, no-one reads the titles, do they!?

OK, for those that skipped ahead I’ll be honest, it’s not that big a deal, go back and read the paragraph, the rest of us will meet you at the start of the next one (they gone? what a couple of suckers!).

And there you have, ladies and gentlepeeps, my cut out and throwaway guide on how to title your posts.

Now, the next bit is hidden from general view and is specifically in response to the comment the pixellated diva left on the post below. I have a feeling I know which will garner the most comments today… (and I know who’ll be first, although he’ll now spite me by not commenting until someone else has… you watch…).

Pixeldiva asked: Lisa Snowdon?!!?

I say yes.

Lisa Snowdon... rarrrrr

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