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I’m about to rant, so before I do…

Go visit Meg, she will make you laugh: not.so.soft.
Go visit Stuart, he will make you think: hydragenic.
Go visit Becky, she’ll make you want to move to France: mybluehouse.
Go visit, Julie, and wonder when she and Leia will mutuate into one wonderous being: accidental/a large head

That’s not to say that any of the above sites are solely consumned on the topic I’ve mentioned them for, au contraire. Visit them all and sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll ponder, sometimes you’ll explore, sometimes you’ll dream. And that, my friends, is why I love these funny little things called weblogs. Not for what they are, but for the people behind them. (Expanded by Tom: www.plasticbag.org – download his presentation for more info)

And go to my Visit page for many more wonderous examples of where I spend my ‘net time’.

OK, fluffy thoughts dealt with, on with the rant (presuming you’ve come back from the above recommendations, and why do I feel bad about not mentioning Vaughan, Carey, David, Caterina, Mike, Jennie, and so many others (and to add to that, I’m not worrying about the order I’ve list those names in…))

Stop. I wish I could. Just stop. Stop doing this, stop doing that, stop wanting this, stop deciding that.

Stop getting hacked off at things I can’t control. Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened (and probably never will). Stop dreaming, stop wishing, stop wanting.


Most of all I want to stop Mondays.

Can’t we all just get together and agree that they are depressing, demoralising and thoroughly unhelpful days. Yes I realise they fill the gap until Tuesday and without them Tuesdays would become the new Monday, and anyway, what would we call the new day, and where would we put it? But Mondays suck. Last week I got stuck in traffic. This morning I dropped my watch (my beloved, coveted, beautiful watch) and shattered the glass face. Monday is getting the blame of this, and it’s not going to wriggle out of it.

(There have also been a few ‘developments’ at work, but I don’t like posting that kind of thing here. Best not to rant at the people that pay my salary)

Poem posted
Meant to throw this up last week but didn’t get around it. My sister sent it to me last weekend. Tears flowed.

Blogging Life

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It’s a two-zip scenario.

Unless anyone can re-send me the alternative Brazil vs Scotland match thoughts from France 1998, which featured the thoughts that ran through the Scottish players heads as they faced the mighty Brazil (memory-jogger if you read it: John Collins permanently worrying about how he looked) then this little piece has to be the funniest World Cup related piece I’ve seen so far.

USA through, nation nonplussed (via Hydragenic).


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Global music sales drop but the UK CD market beats global slump. Why?

I also caught this on the news this morning, the reporter reasoned that us people in the UK (and France) still want the social kudos that goes with ‘owning’ the latest album. This is backed by figures which show the sales of singles dropping, whilst downloads of digital copies rise. £3.99 for a CD single or a couple of minutes to download the MP3?

However I think they missed something, and I’m not sure if anyone else has followed this line of thought further (ok, someone will have but bear with). If you are an average downloader of MP3’s you will, by now, have a fairly large collection of illegal tracks. If you add ripped music to the equation, then you are quickly into double figures of Gigabytes worth of music.

If you are an average PC user, how many times have you lost everything when a PC died, presuming you’ve used computers for, say 4-5 years.

And that’s why I buy CDs. Security.


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Why am I sat here?

Just finished some work, and just realised that I am still sitting here, aimlessly surfing. I should really be doing something else.

Just finished Timeline by Michael Crichton. Clever thriller, don’t think he was particularly stretched writing it though, and all the time I’m thinking… Yeah this would make a good film, hell the ending even gives plenty of room for sequels/prequels etc.

Also just realised that the question should be, why am I working at 9:45 p.m. on a Sunday night.

I’ve been in a pretty foul mood the last few days, it’s faded over the weekend, but as it’s work related then I’m expecting it to return tomorrow. Hopefully not, who knows. Why am I narked? Well, difficult to say, and it’s all stuff I shouldn’t be getting to me, but..well I think it’s a case of things building up and up, with no change or resolution in sight and it just comes down to how long I’m willing to put up with them. I’m not in a position to change those things, and really have only one choice to make.

I wish it would stop snowing, I wish Scotland hadn’t lost to France, I wish…. (hey Skee-Lo – wassup!).

And finally, six, thanks.

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